Four tips to improve your search engine rankings for your travel business

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It’s no surprise that travel companies are investing more of their resources in the online environment to provide a better customer experience and ultimately and improved return on investment.  According to statistics brain, internet travel bookings and services revenue has grown by more than 73% over the past 5 years. 

Seems like the best dream you have ever had, right? SEO and Digital Marketing strategies could help meet the goals and milestones in a short period of time for your business.

Before we delve into the strategies you can use right now to improve your travel website visibility, let’s first look at purpose of SEO and why a travel company should care about implementing Digital and SEO strategies.

Why SEO and why should you care?

The online landscape has become the top channel where people look for travel services or book their travel vacations. In addition, mobile has surpassed computers for travel related searches and bookings.

Consequently, the internet has become an important tool in travel planning and travel companies are facing fierce competition.

Hence, the reason why more than ever travel companies must implement a strategic approach to SEO and Digital strategy to ensure that your customers are finding your business.

Now, let’s move on to the exciting part. Here are four things you can do right now to improve your SEO ranking:

  1. Optimize your website title tags: 

The title tag is a major component of a successful SEO strategy.  You want to make sure that each page on your website includes a title tag optimized for SEO.  The title tag displays in the search results and also at the top of your browser tab.

You can find the title tag by right clicking on your website and selecting ‘inspect element’. Then look for the <title> tag.

To help you understand the concepts of Title tags I am going to provide you the title tag for our website, Paradise Digital Agency.

As you can see above, our title tag is Travel Marketing Agency | Paradise Digital Agency. In out title tag we have used a keyword ‘Travel Marketing Agency’ along with our brand name ‘Paradise Digital Agency’. It is recommended that you first include a keyword that describes your business followed by your company brand name. Your title tag should be 55 characters or less. Any additional characters will not be displayed by the search engines.

Note: if you are not familiar with changing the HTML code of your website, please ask your webmaster to optimize the title tag and the Meta Description. He or she should be able to do this for you in 5 minutes or less.

           2. Optimize your websites Meta Description

The text that is displayed by the search engines underneath the title tags is called the meta description. It describes the content of the page. To view the meta description of your page, simply look for ‘meta name= description’ by right clicking anywhere on the page and choose ‘view page source’.

A well thought-out meta description is proven to increase clicks to your page. Therefore, when writing the meta description be as descriptive as possible to entice visitors to visit your page.  Meta descriptions should be kept under 155 characters.

To better explain Meta descriptions, I did a search for the Conrad Hotel in Miami. Below you can find the meta description for this hotel under the title tag.  The Conrad’s page meta description entices the visitor to click on the page with descriptive words such as ‘indulge’, ‘best’, and it’s located in downtown Miami. Also, the hotel has included two keywords ‘Miami luxury hotels’, and their brand name ‘Conrad Miami’. Always try to include one keyword and your brand name in the meta description.

  3.  Claim and optimize your Google Business listing

Claiming your Google business profile is an essential component for your local SEO strategy.  There is no cost to claim your business and it will allow your business to appear in local search results specific to your travel service.

To claim your Google Business listing visit the Google my Business page.

The Conrad Miami Hotel has a claimed and well optimized Google Business listing. It shows the hotel details, address, website, phone number, and amenities. Google reviews of your business will also be displayed once your claim your listing.

        4. Claim your local listings

Claiming your travel companies listing is an important component used by the search engines to rank your website. We have already covered how to claim your Google Business listing.   To claim your local listings visit Moz Local website and enter your business name and zip code to find your business. 

Once you do a search for your business name, Moz will display the listings that have been already claimed and the ones that haven’t been claimed. Claim each of the listings that are missing for your business. Making sure that your listings are claimed and with the correct information, will help your website rank in the search engines and new customers will be able to discover your business.

Jimmy Mckenzie is the founder of Paradise Digital Agency. With over 5 years in implementing Digital and SEO strategies for small and large businesses, I have mastered the latest SEO and digital strategies that result in improved online branding and search rankings.

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